NEW Fire Station Exhibit: Learning the Roles for our Local Heroes – The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast

RtoL (adults): Chris Kearns, Katie Makemson, Scott Risk, Doug Smith, Steven Carrasquilla, Pete Satur

On Sunday, March 26, 2022 The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast opened its newest exhibit; the updated Fire Station. Fire Fighters, Board Members, County Commissioner Doug Smith, and Museum Staff all joined together with their families for a delicious pancake breakfast and ribbon cutting ceremony. The youngest attendees were the first to explore and role play in our updated fire station.

Future Firefighter, Jensen Russo with Father Firefighter Frank Russo

The new Fire Station exhibit is proudly sponsored by the Martin County Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 2959. With their support The Children’s Museum was able to replace the old fire truck with a much more interactive and educational exhibit. The new exhibit features a modern fire truck with a 2nd story ladder and bucket, a pump panel that includes switches and lights that control sounds, and a real emergency vehicle flashing light. Opposite the fire truck, children can learn to stay low and go by crawling through our simulated smoke filled tunnel. Sitting on top of the tunnel is a house and building that are lit in a way that simulates a real fire, including crackling noises and firefighter radio calls.

RtoL: Kenzie Risk & Scarlette Satur

The purpose of this updated exhibit was to teach the roles of our community heroes. Katie Makemson, Exhibit Designer with The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast, “The passion for becoming a firefighter sparks at a young age. We wanted future community heroes to start their knowledge of fighting fires now! At the top of the truck we’ve included a sign that has questions firefighters have to ask when fighting a fire. Why not start now with the children’s education and get their excitement started?”

Driver Engineer, Jensen Russo

The Children’s Museum would not have been able to complete this exhibit without the help from All About Achieving. Chris Kearns, aka “Washer”, was instrumental in taking ideas above and beyond and creating a more immersive exhibit. We are grateful for their help!

Martin County Fire Fighters IAFF Local 2959 (RtoL) Scott Risk, Steven Carrasquilla, Frank Russo

The Museum strives to keep the Children’s Museum evolving and relevant. The Museum continues to grow and flourish each year and we are excited about the exhibits still to come. If you would like to participate or would like more information about future projects on the horizon, please feel free to contact Katie Makemson, Project Manager at 772-225-7575 ext. 205. We look forward to seeing you playing and learning at the Children’s Museum.

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